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ecotec 2 2 supercharger

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Turbo Ecotec

- Racing, Rubber, Repeat

What is better than throwing your lowered turbo Pontiac Solstice into a long sweeper, smashing the gas and hearing the aftermarket stainless catback exhaust roar to life. The LNF 2.0 L turbo-charged direct injected ecotec engine spools up and lays a smack down on that ricer honda you were racing. Happy you bought those aftermarket parts, the coilovers, turbo kit, ecu tuning, BOV, exhaust and intake.

It doesn't matter if your ecotec car is a Solstice, a cobalt, an HHR, or any other GM car. What counts is the turbo kit, the turbo back exhaust, the cold air intake, the short shifter, the suspension, the spoiler wing, and any other aftermarket racing part you installed. The thrill of tuning can't be overcome.

I can't wait to drag race my turbo cobalt again. My passion is in ecotec drag racing, and performance ecotec tuning. Some day I will open my own parts shop to supply to all the supercharged ecotec, lsj performance, 2008 cobalt turbo, 2.2 ecotec l61, and 2.0 ecotec.

Whether you are doing an Ecotec engine swap in a Fireo and need information on the wiring diagram or need help installing performance parts. is the resource to help find the information you are looking for.

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